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If you have ever wondered why you like and connect with some people, but not with others, the answer most probably lies in what they say with their body and voice tone when you first meet.   In 1967 a professor at UCLA determined that a mere 7% of our communication is verbal.  That means that 93% of your impact on people happens without you uttering a single word.  Just imagine how much more successful you could be if you understood and were fluent in the language of non-verbal communication.

According to a study at Stanford Business School, people who are perceived as likable, one of the characteristics shared by most successful people, make more money, are more productive, have more friends and are generally happier in their careers and personal lives.

We connect with and form opinions about people through our senses.  What we see, hear, smell and feel are powerful antennae.  Studies show that we form an opinion about someone within the first few seconds of meeting them. We quickly decide whether someone represents a threat or an opportunity.  To be perceived as an opportunity gives you an immediate connection and a competitive advantage in the marketplace

What it takes to be perceived as an opportunity or likable is a skill that can be learned. Learning it will help you create trust, build rapport, make positive first impressions, and improve relationships in every area of your life.  For a company, that translates into increased sales and customer retention, productivity, leadership potential and profits.  For an individual, it enhances social situations, increases your value to an employer or customer and opens the door to numerous opportunities

Having the ability to connect with people quickly while creating a positive and lasting impression is not an optional skill.  In today’s market, it is a requirement.   Your company’s profits and impact on the market depend on   employees, sales teams and management knowing how to attract business.   Supplying you with these vital interpersonal tools is our specialty.   MindAbility Workshops are custom designed to teach the most effective personal interaction skills that will drive an organization’s success! For more information on how MindAbility can impact your business growth and customer retention, contact Linda Clements.


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This content rich training seminar will change the way you relate to people, boost your confidence level and expand your comfort zone in every business and social situation.


You will learn:


How to boost your likability quotient and explode your business

How to impact people with Attitude

The 5 key elements to getting what you want

Rapid rapport building skills

How to recognize and use sensory language to boost sales

The Mind Bank System: Accelerated goal attainment utilizing conscious and unconscious programing

How to attract business on a subliminal level

The five step formula for making a great first impression

Listening skills that build trusting relationships


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