Stop Smoking Programs

The first and most important element needed to achieve positive results with any stop smoking program is the sincere desire on the part of the client to stop. No one can make anyone do something they don’t want to do, so it is imperative that they really want to quit for themselves. If they are doing it for a spouse or loved one or anyone other than themselves, the success rate lowers considerably.

Once a person decides they want to stop smoking, using hypnosis to do it is easy and effective. In fact, other methods just don’t compare with hypnosis. About 10% can stop using gum, 16% using patches and only about 7% stop using the Cold Turkey method. When you think about it, that means that 84-93% fail with these methods.


Stop Smoking in One Hour

I use a method that utilizes advanced hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques. It takes about an hour and is so effective that I offer a backup guarantee. That means that if you smoke again at any time after this program, you can come back in for another session free of charge as often as necessary for up to one year.


Three Session Program

Some people find it difficult to embrace the idea that they will be able to successfully quit smoking in one, one-hour session. For those who know they should quit, but are conflicted about quitting, then this program is the better choice. It is very effective, in fact, it is the method that was used to help me quit smoking more than 20 years ago. This consists of three, one-hour sessions over a two-week period. The first two sessions are spaced one day apart and the final session is one week later. One advantage to the three-session program is that the extra sessions allow more time to explore the part of the mind that is unsteady about giving up smoking and to teach more “take home” tools. Instructions for self-hypnosis and a technique for eliminating cravings are included as well as a CD for home use and reinforcement. Most people experience no weight gain with either stop smoking method.


Weight Management

Hypnosis is a very effective method to help motivate and support the decision to stop destructive patterns and help create and reinforce new, healthier ones. Because weight loss is much more involved than simply “dieting” this program addresses all the issues that arise when a client commits to a lifestyle change.

In each of my weight loss programs, we address the emotional aspects of eating as well as portion control, eating the right foods (fewer carbohydrates, sugar etc.) exercise, confidence/self-esteem, stress reduction and self-sabotage. Clients are encouraged to create an atmosphere and home environment that supports a successful outcome by getting their families involved and “shopping thin” by adjusting the grocery list to reflect their new thinking patterns.

For clients who need to curb their behavior and/or lose 5-10 lbs.

3 sessions (once a week for 3 weeks)

2 recordings included for home use and continued reinforcement

Instructions for self-hypnosis


For clients who want to lose a moderate amount of weight, but who have not experienced a lifelong weight or eating behavior problem

4 sessions (once a week for 4 weeks)

3 recordings included for home use and continued reinforcement

2 coaching sessions via phone – 30 minutes each

Instructions for self-hypnosis

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – helpful for eliminating cravings, lowering stress levels, boosting confidence and stopping self-sabotage.


For clients who desire significant weight loss and who have experienced a life long weight and/or eating behavior problem.

6 sessions (once a week for 6 weeks)

4 recordings included for home use and continued reinforcement

4 coaching sessions via phone – 30 minutes each

Instructions for self-hypnosis

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – helpful for eliminating cravings, lowering stress levels, boosting confidence and stopping self-sabotage.


*Stop smoking and Weight Management sessions are priced differently than other services


Self Esteem/Confidence

The way you feel about yourself is vital to so many aspects of life.  Your ability to create success in relationships, career, and all aspects of your personal life, depends to a great extent on your opinion of and belief in yourself.  Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for eliminating doubts, negative patterns, and ideas which can stand in the way of your conscious desire to make more money, be a better athlete, create healthier relationships, or become the creative force you know is within your power.



“She just doesn’t understand me.”

“He cares more about his career than he does me.”

“I always seem to attract the ones that I’m not attracted to.”

Do any of these statements sound familiar to you?  It is possible to attract the kind of man/woman you want to attract by understanding your own behaviors (choice of clothing, leisure time activities, the way you communicate, etc.) and what they say about you?  It is also possible to improve the quality of your existing relationships by developing an understanding of the way you and your partner take in information and respond to it?  A few simple techniques can change the way you relate, not only to your partner, but also to colleagues, bosses, employees, co-workers, and friends.



The number one fear in the United States today is getting up in front of people and talking.  The very thought of this activity creates a state of severe anxiety and/or panic in a large portion of the population.  There are a number of techniques, such as imagery, desensitization, and relaxation, which can help reduce the stress, anxiety, and physiological symptoms that accompany fears of all kinds. Find more information in the Articles section of this website.


Pain Management

Hypnosis is a very effective way to reduce pain.  If a runner developed shin splints, I can teach him/her to develop feelings of numbness in one part of the body, a hand for example, creating a sort of anesthetic glove which can then be transferred to the shin by placing the numbed hand on the shin.  Headaches can be transferred to a different part of the body, perhaps a little finger, where the pain will be less disruptive.  These and other techniques work well for acute as well as chronic pain sufferers.  Of course, pain is a warning to you that something is functioning improperly; so pain is never completely removed.


Stress Management

Stress has been blamed for high blood pressure, heart attacks, and numerous immune system disorders.  If left untreated, it can erode our health, emotional balance, and mental acuity.  Our nervous system uses two types of communication systems.  One uses words and verbal thoughts.  This happens in the left hemisphere of the brain where our conscious mind lives.  It controls muscles and involuntary movement.  The other part of the nervous system, which regulates blood pressure, as well as, heartbeat, digestion, tissue regeneration, and immune responses, responds to a different language, the language of symbols and imagery.  This is produced in the right hemisphere of the brain, which is the seat of the subconscious mind.  In hypnosis, we can create a deep state of relaxation by activating the language of symbols and imagery, thereby, eliminating stress.


Children and Hypnosis

Many children can be helped through hypnosis to control or eliminate bedwetting, nose picking, nail biting, and other undesirable mannerisms.  As they grow older, hypnosis can affect concentration and focus, anxiety, self-esteem, motivation, creativity, and athletic performance, to name only a few.  Young people have fewer defenses than adults, and in general, they are much more easily hypnotized and open to positive suggestions.  This receptiveness can lead to quick and dramatic change.  For example, a mother of a deeply shy and introverted 17-year-old girl came to me to help her daughter in becoming more confident and self-assured.  Seven weeks later, the daughter walked into my office and announced that she had been elected president of her senior class.  Children have fertile minds, and when positive suggestions are planted, the seeds grow quickly.



Some people lie awake for hours, unable to turn their minds off.  Some fall asleep promptly and then awaken later and thrash around for the rest of the night.  Some drift in and out of sleep all night and wake in the morning feeling exhausted.  Regardless of the type of sleeper or non-sleeper you are, relaxation techniques, direct suggestions, post hypnotic suggestions, self-hypnosis, and customized CD’s are all effective ways to combat insomnia. Read more about this in the Articles section of this website.


Learning and Memory Enhancement

The human mind is of such size that it could not be filled in a total lifetime.  It is capable of remembering everything that has ever been seen, heard, read, or experienced.  Hypnotherapy, NLP and Imagery are highly effective tools for stimulating the learning process.  Used together, they can increase motivation, reduce study and test anxieties, access memory, and improve study habits.  Light and Sound Technology can also greatly increase the minds’ ability to learn and remember.  Light and sound, delivered in specific patterns, stimulate left and right hemispheres simultaneously and enhances absorption, understanding and retention. Cluttered minds can emerge from this process with purpose, direction, and organization.

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